Ten.One Hundred & Thirteen

1. The coolness of the air and the sound of my shoes in the gravel. This morning I’m not as scared.  

2. I walk a little higher up this time to get a better view of the city resting down below. The woodpeckers are active and loud. 

3. I face the sun, white-yellow and intense.  

4. The saguaros are turning this gorgeous gold-green and the dried grasses look like they are glistening.  

5. She tells me to go to the big rock. I find it and stand there for a few minutes before I stretch myself across it, hands behind my head, knees up, face in the sun. 

6. I don’t know what I need to know yet. Or maybe I do. I feel emptied and yet frenetic.  

7. I’ve always wanted to do this.  

8. Tamales. Beans. Salad with avocado and pomegranate and roasted carrots. I am being fed so well.  

9. Fire. S’mores. Conversation.  

10. A sound. A wild sound. So scary that we all run inside. It felt like a warning.