Ten.One Hundred & Ten

1. I need to get used to these chilly mornings. 

2. I hear the crash of the recycling truck and snacth my robe off the hanger and run downstairs in my underwear. I’m not fast enough and I’m stilk half-naked.

3. I like that they like smoked salmon.  

4. I need hiking shoes, a canteen, lotion, and sunblock. And to do all the laundry. 

5. Memory card is clean. Camera is clear. Battery is charged. The large tripod fits on a diagonal. Ready. 

6. I’m getting better at this planning ahead thing. You’d have thought that after three kids I would’ve had this planning thing down by now. But I don’t. But I’m gonna keep trying to find the ways to make it easier on myself.  

7. I still haven’t bought any candy corn.  

8. The trees are turning and turning.  

9. I open up my bag again and survey the contents. I think about how I might capture the stars and the smiles and the cups of coffee. How the hiking shoes are not only good for the Arizona landscape but for the ground I will root into once we move to California. 

10. Gratitude.