Ten.One Hundred & Seventeen

1. So dark. He's right up against me and breathing in my face. I have to crush him to reach the phone and shut off the alarm.

2. Apple-cinnamon muffins for them and an english muffin for me. Coffee. 

3. The yellowing of the trees in the backyard. I wonder if I will see the deer again. 

4. I'm a little nervous for this morning's portrait session. But if I can just trust myself, then it will be okay. 

5. She looks just like her sister. The light in her apartment is amazing and the color of brick in the alley is just right. I love when people relax and come to life. I love that I get to really see them. 

6. I take Lake Shore Drive to I-55. In another life I might try to live in the city, walk the edges of the lake on chilly mornings like these. 

7. Austrian sparkling rose.

8. It's always good to see her and to hear her laugh. I can't wait to hug her in person. It's so hard to believe that we're only 6 months away from this dream we've co-created. 

9. Dinner is going to be so late.

10. There is nothing on my schedule for tomorrow. It's a home day. A day to catch up on the things that slipped through while I was away. I still haven't unpacked my suitcase or my toiletries bag and there are bits of desert scattered on the floor.