Ten.One Hundred& Seven

1. I hear a shrieking sound and think it’s just a truck at the Home Depot before realizing it’s just one of the children downstairs.  

2. I keep miscounting the scoops of coffee and just say screw it and start it up. 

3. Her pumpkin bread.  

4. We gather around the island and feed the kids and talk about jobs and insurance and unions. 

5. I am missing her before she even pulls out of the driveway, standing with the door wide open, cold October morning air pushing in. 

6. I don’t really know what to do with myself so I sweep.  

7. Poldark. 

8. I make some matcha and journal at his desk.  

9. I’ve been stressed about the 6 mini photo sessions lined up but realize today that it’s not the shoots but the driving that’s at the root of the anxiety.  

10. Apple pie—the kind with the crumb topping—and vanilla ice cream. Her words “Defiant Magic” run through my head. The gravity of those words.