Ten.One Hundred & Fourteen

1. Javelina sighting.  

2. I walk even further up the hill and wait for the sun to make it up and over the mountains. A whole pack of Javelinas walk in front of me, staring and snorting at me as they walk by. 

3. I don’t know why I’m crying.  

4. I’m pretty certain I’m going to get this saguaro tattooed on my arm next year. 

5. Spinach and bacon and sausage and mushroom in this strata. Coffee. Water. Mandarin oranges. 

6. I confess that I’m anxious about returning home. Something is not right and I can’t articulate what it is I just know that it needs to be changed. 

7. Growing pains.  

8. So much receiving. 

9. I take the watercolors out to the big rock that overlooks the dry creek bed. The sun is beating down on me, ants are marching against my thigh, and the watercolors are drying up before in can even paint them onto the page. I paint a saguaro and some prickly pair  

10. What am I truly hungry for?