Ten.One Hundred & Five

1. The fires are still burning. 

2. This morning we’ve been blessed with slices of light.  

3. I hear the geese and look up to see 30 or 40 of them flying overhead in formation.  

4. I drive out there early to journal and read before we meet. I pick a seat facing the large window so I can watch the people walk by. In many ways I miss this town. In many ways I do not.  

5. The sense of otherness. 

6. “I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen your entire face.”  

7. I sometimes find myself talking too fast when I’m excited about something. And lately I’ve lacked focus.  

8. Pizza for dinner.

9.  After a few glasses of wine I say something about Poldark and fantasy and dreams and feelings and how in so many ways I’ve been closing myself off. 

10. 1 sleep.