Ten.One Hundred & Eighteen

1. I sleep in again. This combination of dark and cold makes me move so slowly. 

2. Today is the day I’m going to have them start making their own lunches. No one complains. I lay out the containers. Only have to cut up a couple of apples. I watch them as I drink my coffee. 

3. In feeding myself, they learn to feed their own selves.  

4. So much laundry.

5. Maybe we will be here longer than I think and so maybe I ought to relax into this space. What would it be like to really move in? 

6. The sun is lighting the house up.  

7. Since I began reading The Cooking Gene, I’ve been caught up in more genealogy research. Research that I don’t have time for. But it wants to eat up all the space in my head because I am always wanting to know the origins of things. I want to know where I come from.  

8. White cheddar cheez-its and the last glass of Beaujolais. 

9. Costume shopping + school book fair + a day spend cleaning all the things = taco night.  

10. He’s not home yet.