Ten.One Hundred & Eight

1. I can feel the cold creeping in over the top of my blanket.  

2. I decide to sleep in and then immediately regret my choice because now everything feels rushed.  

3. The moon is a shining white crescent in the indigo sky and I feel so lucky.  

4. I write the “thank you” notes, 14 of them. I hope they can read my writing. I hope they know how much I love them. 

5. Warm chips and salsa for lunch. 

6. The way the wind is blowing and how it reveals the lonely red leaf. I am sometimes that leaf, steadily changing while everything else is stubbornly staying the same.  

7. He asks me when I’m coming to volunteer in his class. Insert mommy guilt.  

8. Indifference.  

9. Beef stroganoff because I need some comfort food. 

10. Ready.