Ten.One Hundred

1. Early. Coffee. She won’t stop asking me questions. I keep yelling at everyone to stop touching the balloons. I look at the clock and know that there won’t be time to make the tissue paper flowers. 

2. The little oe and I head back to the old neighborhood to see some friends. I still know the order of the streets. The trees feel so large compared the saplings that are just beginning to mature in my yard. 

3. I miss old houses.  

4. We talk about life on the front porch as the sun settles in overhead. I miss my friends. I miss my old streets. I remind myself that it’s okay to miss these things. 

5. The prep.  

6. 5 very giggle girls.  

7. I sneak a handful of gummy bears while no one is looking. And 2 Rice Krispie treats.  

8. The colors of the setting sun. Not the sun but the way the color of the sun washes over everything else. Everything looks more holy.  

9. Definitely don’t regret the chalkboard wall. 

10. My brain wants to stay up late to do all the things it knows it needs to do in order to prepare for this week. But the body is saying no.