1. Up before the alarm.  

2. The sky is low and gray. The rain is coming. I light makes the lunches and the bacon and light the candles.   

3: He’s gone and they’re playing quietly upstairs. I step out onto the back stoop again to feel the breeze.  

4. No self-portrait today. There are times when I get bored with myself.

5. Coffee from the Bialetti.  

6. I decide to skip writing for the day and enjoy the quiet by painting the wall that runs beneath the stairs. The funny thing is that I’m so bad at painting but I’m trying not care. I know he’s gonna say something about the paint on the ceiling. 

7. But it’s still black and moody and I love it.  

8. Bewildered. 

9. Boundaries. 

10. Leftover chicken noole soup and fresh focaccia with smoked salt and rosemary. It’s been so long since I’ve had my palms on dough.