1. I stand outside as the light begins to peek through the clouds. The breeze is soothing. I know there are lunches to be made but I just want to stand there and watch the colors change.  

2. This book came to me at the right time.  

3. I no longer need google maps to tell me how to get there.  

4. This circle of women feels like Home. I want to always be at Home, where ever I am. 

5. Scallops. Lobster bisque. Linguine with clams. 2012 Gilles Noblet Pouilly-Fuise. A quiet lunch at The Turf Room.  

6. It’s time to get back to my wine and spirits studies. I tell him that I’m going to start with Italy first. I think I am ready to begin again. I’ll retake the exam in March. I know I will pass next time. 

7. It never feels like it but there is actually time for this. For all of this. What needs to get done always gets done.  

8. The tops of the trees are beginning to turn. Shades of deep red and burnt-orange and banana yellow. This is my favorite season. 

9. I’ll figure it out.  

10. I decide to clean. The bathrooms needed it. I needed it. This is how I fix myself sometimes—through cleaning. No one bothers me, I can observe my thoughts, I sweat a little. It’s like a meditation.