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Crust + Too Many Sorry's

I jumped into memories, trying to see if I could hear myself uttering unnecessary apologies. How much of this is nature? Did she learn this from me? Absorb my perfectionism and people-pleasing through osmosis while in the womb? Because once she was born I set myself on a mission to unlearn this behavior knowing that I didn’t want to raise her to be a passive woman. I wanted her to be able to stand in her truth and in her voice, advocate for her own needs and desires with confidence and without fear.

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A Thriving Summer

At first, I thought my list needed to be much longer but the reality is that I still believe in simplicity and ease. By using just these three survival—nay—thrival techniques, I’m hoping that the summer will be fun, but not over-done, full without being overwhelming. Mostly, I just want to be present. And I’m hopeful that this little list encourages and supports that desire.

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