Ten.Five Hundred & Seventeen

1. I talk myself into getting up and out of the bed before the alarm. 

2. Too much time spent on trying to get this bun to sit right.  

3. New-to-me Coffee. A lighter and sweeter flavor than we typically drink but still very good.  

4. We’ve learned the magic of the short loop. It will always be faster to use this half-circle. 

5. The brightness of the sun. 

6. Corsican, French, Italian, Alsatian. She picks the wines. What an adventure.

7. Chez Panisse.  

8. I tell him I’m glad I got a chance to see Kermit Lynch in the flesh. Because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to retake the certified exam, but it gave me a little bit of energy to get back to my studies. 

9. All of this. We get to enjoy all of this forever.

10. Smaller tree. Shorted out star. Shorted out color lights. And I’m okay with it. Choosing ease, deciding to let it be imperfect. Maybe this will be the trend going forward.  

Ten.Five Hundred & Sixteen

1. Shouldn’t be too surprised he’s up this early.  

2. John Mayer. Live acoustic version of “Why Georgia.” I wish it was “3x5” because the clouds do indeed look like mountains. 

3.  She apologizes for yawning. “It’s okay. It’s early,” I say. “It’s only early when you’re trying to do too much,” she laughs.  

4. We keep telling each other that everyone seems so nice here. I don’t think we’re imagining it.  

5. Cleaning day. The first one with all the kids gone. Once again, the ordinary acts of being root me.  

6. Feist. Beyoncé. KT Tunstall. 

7. Everything is so saturated. I’m okay with this kind of winter. 

8. Duolingo. 

9. But if I were to describe the colors of the leaves, I don’t think I could find the words that would communicate their intensity. 

10. So much beauty everywhere.  

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Ten.Five Hundred & Fifteen
  1. Up before the alarm.

  2. Today is the short day, which I’m kind of dreading but also looking forward to.

  3. The light is slow to come today. The street it filled with fog.

  4. Note to self: use the smaller circle for drop off.

  5. He’s off to Santa Rosa which gives me a good solid chunk of time alone. I dig out the headphones. Wait, first I need to find that elf.

  6. He would probably tell me to leave it alone but I just want to make sure I’ve tried at least one more time. I just want to make sure I’ve tried my best even though my gut tells me that space is what’s needed.

  7. Sadness still.

  8. They say it feels like a Saturday. Yes. This is the bonus of the short day.

  9. Time at the basketball court. Who said we wouldn’t get color or feel the seasons change here? The clouds are just low enough to cover the tops of the hills and obscure the turbines.

  10. There’s a season for everything.

Ten.Five Hundred & Fourteen

1.  Today.

2. So glad I made them get cereal for breakfast. Also, who doesn’t like a bowl of Kix once in a while?

3. They are so tired.  

4. They can play on the playground before school starts.  

5. She might be one of the few 3rd grade girl who extends her hand out for a shake when introducing herself to another kid. 

6. Displaced. They say it so nonchalantly. It most be normal here. But I hope he can be at the home school with his siblings soon. 

7. Oh, but there really is no hot water coming through this valve. 

8. “Nice house, bad plumbing,” he says slowly with a Japanese accent.  

9. I’m a little early but really it looks like I’m right on time. I’m worried that I’m doing this wrong. I’m worried that they didn’t have a good day. I’m worried that someone will feel forgotten. Here and then there and then back here again. I can do this. I’m crying a little bit in the car.  

10. A car full of happy children. And maybe I’m crying a little bit again.  

Ten.Five Hundred & Thirteen
  1. Scones.

  2. The lemons are still turning yellow. I don’t understand how any of it works but the fruit is still ripening.

  3. That moment when you eat your own cooking and are amazed. Why are these scones so particularly light and fluffy?

  4. The four of us arrive at the school. The two women at the desks seem friendly enough. There isn’t enough room for all three of them here. This makes me a little nervous.

  5. I let them pick out the foods they think they’ll need for lunch this week. Because now it’s time to get back to school. No one seems to be worried. They aren’t excited but they aren’t nervous either.

  6. All of the linens are finally clean again.

  7. We walk down to the park with a few basketballs. It’s quiet. School is not out yet but there is a small gathering of moms and children at the park. It’s clear enough to see the hills and the turbines.

  8. The leaves are red, so red.

  9. I still love this succulent surrounded by white rock.

  10. The anger isn’t anger. Fear, maybe. Disappointment, maybe.