Practice Makes Progress


Tomorrow I’m heading to a local studio to do some headshots. It just felt like time to dive back into photographing people, but this time, with more trust in my own vision. Trust comes with practice. Just like writing, it is the act of doing that refines one’s voice and craft. As I continue to explore my relationship with my art and creativity through Jacquelyn Tierny’s The Art of Slow, I’m remembering that part of growing is also spending time reflecting on the failures and appreciating the successes. To not be embarrassed about the old work, but to take pride in who you’ve become since then.

I’m still nervous and sweaty before each session (my husband tells me I just need to get hold of some confidence), but I hope that will fade as time moves on. Practice makes progress, right? So here’s to being devoted to the art of Practice. Of making room for mistakes and mess, play and exploration, wonder and surprise. Of making room for the art I know I can make.

For now, a little stroll down memory lane. *Thank you to everyone who ever trusted me and continues to do so.

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The Delta-13.jpg